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November Health Technology Innovation Newsletter

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Are you prepared for 2017?

By Donald Gravlin, CIO & Chief Strategist

Today, healthcare organizations operate under a Rubik’s Cube of federal and state regulations, laws, and standards. As you look to set priorities for your organization and to plan for the 2017 and beyond, you must balance being compliant and secure today with long term growth and efficiency goals.

Key questions about which markets to compete in, continue to invest in accountable care are bundled payments, or wait for the sweeping changes to health reform the election may bring, must be balanced with addressing key privacy, security and patient safety risks. 

Establishing the right strategy that focuses on how to efficiently manage chronic care services is essential for a healthcare organization’s continued survival.

Understanding the shift from volume to value and how to design a patient-centric chronic care management program that will deliver both growth and efficiency goals is critical.

Managing to increase chronic patient’s medication adherence while keeping a handle on pharmacy costs and the 2017 FDA safety tracking regulations is key.

Analyzing the key reimbursement differences for care services between CMS Model of Care for Special Needs Patients and Medicaid LTSS, and designing care programs that fit both models can dramatically improve quality outcomes and profitability in managing population health.

But serving these populations also requires an advanced level of communication and coordination capabilities, and the increase of inherent privacy and security risks that must be carefully planned in unison.

Info-Teq is offering a free 2017 Strategic Plan Review for your organization to better understand and address these key capabilities and risks. 

Click this link to schedule your Strategic Plan Review.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

As an introduction for many of you to Info-Teq, this month we want to share the backgrounds and areas of focus of our Leadership Team:

Patricia Howe

Patricia serves as our chief executive officer and has been instrumental in establishing Info-Teq as a woman and minority-owned, disadvantaged, small business owned and operated businesses for 25 years ranging from IT consulting firms to organizing services to pharmacies. Patricia’s vision of connecting healthcare for everyone is a driving force behind Info-Teqs Health Technology Innovation mantra.

Patricia can be reached at (952) 261-4417 and

Donald Gravlin

Donald serves as our chief healthcare strategist and information officer, focused in the areas of chronic care management and population health and leads our Midwest practice. Donald has served health plans, health systems, accountable care organizations, and clinically integrated networks in creating strategies and solutions for sustainable improvement. He has twenty-eight years of healthcare expertise in care management and population health, accountable care, physician group practice, health it operations, managed care operations, quality improvement, and informatics. Prior to Info-Teq, he was SVP Product Engineering @ InfoMC, a chronic care health IT company, and Partner & CTO @ EY, Deloitte, Accenture, BearingPoint and Cap Gemini Health Care practices, where his focus was health analytics, population health management strategies, Patient-Centered Medical Homes & ACOs, physician & patient engagement strategies, and clinical integration across primary, behavioral, pharmacy, outpatient clinics, hospitals, and long term care.

Donald can be reached at 618.580.6124 and

Warren Williams

Warren serves as Managing Director of Info-Teq’s Southeast Practice in Atlanta, National Pharmacy Practice Leader and Principal Health IT Consultant. Warren has worked with leading Pharmacies, PBM’s, Health Plans and Hospital systems, with over 20 years working in industry at NDCHealth (now McKesson) and as a senior manager in Health IT at Accenture and EY. 

Warren can be reached at 770.506.4702 and

Kelly Howe

Kelly serves as Managing Director of Info-Teq’s North Central Practice in Minneapolis, National EPIC and Program Management Practice Leader and Principal Health IT Consultant. Kelly has worked with large Hospital Systems implementing EPIC, PBM’s, Health Plans and has over 20 years of IT consulting experience at over 40 clients, specializing in Healthcare Technology Project Management.

Kelly can be reached at 952.239.9268 and


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